About International Christian Youthworks:


International Christian Youthworks is a fellowship of youth workers and youth ministries around the globe working together to train, network and resource youth workers.

Our main partner works are based in the UK, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Nashville TN (USA) and East Africa (Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda). Other countries are also developing the ICY Diploma programme including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia plus Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo and Liberia in West Africa. Check out the ICY Africa facebook page. We also have long standing relationships in ICY with ministries in Canada, USA and New Zealand. Graduates and team members are also based with churches and ministries in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Uganda, and other parts of the globe. 


ICY was started by 
Colin & Melissa Piper (left) and David and Linda (right) from the UK, together with the leaders of

Praxis (New Zealand) click here

Life Teams Canada) click here

Pure for God (USA) click here


Today Colin & Melissa are patrons of ICY and are Youth Advisors to the European Evangelical Alliance .

 Colin is also the Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission.


ICY is based out of Birmingham and is headed up by David and Linda Isgrove. ICY Ministries Ltd is the outreach charity arm of ICY, with David and Linda having special responsibility as Directors for the development of ICY in Africa.


 Joe Bonga (left) is the Director of ICY Africa working with his team out of Nairobi. He also oversees the work that is expanding in 12 countries including DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda and soon another 8 countries.


 The ICY European Network is co-ordinated out of London by Alex Shoderu (right) who is also a trustee of ICY Ministries.




ICY UK is run by Reign Ministries UK. 

Kyle McKinnon (left) and Darin Stevens (right) head up the teams that work to bring the Reign Ministries and ICY vision to fruition …

to raise up a generation of disciple-making Christian youth ministers by placing them in pioneering local church youth contexts whilst earning a degree qualification.


Do have a look round our site and those of our friends, and then get in contact if you want to get involved in any way.


 For a detailed downloadable PDF of who, what and where ICY are click here


                 ICY Ministries Ltd:    Charity number 54254    Company Registration number 08442840