About International Christian Youthworks:

International Christian Youthworks is a fellowship of youth workers and youth ministries around the globe working together to train, network and resource youth workers.

Our main partner works are based in the UK, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Nashville TN (USA) and East Africa (Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda). Other countries are also developing the ICY Diploma programme including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia plus Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo and Liberia in West Africa. Check out the ICY Africa facebook page. We also have long standing relationships in ICY with ministries in Canada, USA and New Zealand. Graduates and team members are also based with churches and ministries in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Uganda, and other parts of the globe.
ICY was started by Colin & Melissa Piper (left) and David and Linda (right) from the UK, together with the leaders of
Praxis (New Zealand) click here
Life Teams Canada) click here
Pure for God (USA) click here

Today Colin & Melissa are patrons of ICY and are Youth Advisors to the European Evangelical Alliance .

Colin is also the Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission.


ICY is based out of Birmingham and is headed up by David and Linda Isgrove. ICY Ministries Ltd is the outreach charity arm of ICY, with David and Linda having special responsibility as Directors for the development of ICY in Africa.
Joe Bonga (left) is the Director of ICY Africa working with his team out of Nairobi. He also oversees the work that is expanding in 12 countries including DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda and soon another 8 countries.

The ICY European Network is co-ordinated out of London by Alex Shoderu (right) who is also a trustee of ICY Ministries.



ICY UK is run by Reign Ministries UK.

Kyle McKinnon  and Darin Stevens head up the teams that work to bring the Reign Ministries and ICY vision to fruition …

to raise up a generation of disciple-making Christian youth ministers by placing them in pioneering local church youth contexts whilst earning a degree qualification.

Do have a look round our site and those of our friends, and then get in contact if you want to get involved in any way.

For a detailed downloadable PDF of who, what and where ICY are click here (coming)



Join a missional learning community doing local church based youth ministry and learning and growing together. You can come for a gap year called Greenhouse where you live in a team, work in churches, go on mission trips to places like Dublin or Moldova and experience Jesus changing your DNA to be missional and to understand more of your calling. It lasts 10 months.

You can also do on-the-job training and aim for an Honours Degree through ForMission College in Youth Ministry either in your home church or one that we can put you in one in another area, Our heart is to equip you to be a missional youth leader/minister.

During your time in Greenhouse or on the degree, we have awesome 5 day conferences every 2 months where you’re helped with your studies, challenged in your lifestyle, discipled, mentored and encouraged by mixing with students from the UK and Europe. Joining us is like joining a family! The conference is actually held in a beautiful converted watermill up in Shakespeare country in the Cotswolds – the heart of England. To see their website click here.

On the other hand if you’re already engaged in youth ministry here in the UK, then you can still link up with us and experience the conferences join an international team with a passionate missional heart!

It is Affordable, Practical, Biblical and very Missional.

ICY UK is run by Reign Ministries UK under the leadership of Kyle and Darin plus an amazing team. For more details of the one year Greenhouse programme click here. For the 3 year Youth Ministry Degree details click here

If you’re in the EU, then we are often able to get funding for you to come to the UK for the Greenhouse programme. We also have opportunities for Brits to do fully funded gap years with our European partner works. Just email Kyle or click here

If you’re from outside the EU, then getting a visa is the most important task as it has become more difficult in recent years to obtain one. If this grabs your attention, then ask Kyle or Darin for more details on the possibilities of a Greenhouse Gap Year by clicking here.

Or – you may wish to consider going with one of our partners (see our main ones) or ICY Africa or ICY Europe.

Next Conferences:

You can also come for a taster to one of our 6 conferences in the UK during the year. they take place usually 2nd/3rd week of September, the first week of November, Early January, March, May and the end of June. Contact Kyle or Darin for more details by clicking here.

ICY Europe

We’re a family of missionally minded youth workers spread across Europe.

The ICY European Fellowship (ICY EF) is mainly what brings us together. these are weekends or longer, where we get together as youth leaders for  fellowship, training, sharing of ideas and mutual encouragement. Join our facebook community here!

Click here for our European Fellowship page!

Some of us are studying together as a continent wide learning community while doing youth ministry from our own church or youth movement. Others get involved in short term projects, often with EU funding. Then again some of us are just European youth leaders who enjoy connecting with others across the continent and being a part of something bigger.

ICY through Reign Ministries offers us the opportunity to join innovative youth ministry and theology programs at Bachelors  level through globally recognised educational partners. Its a combination of the best of residential and on line courses. We study from home, but not alone. A group of us are studying together and meet up six times a year for residential conferences with Reign Minstries to work through our modules together under the direction and leadership of experts and practitioners.

We also exchange young leaders between our ministries for short term periods of 9-12 months. We have opportunities in a wide range of countries including the UK, many of which qualify for full funding under the European Volunteer Scheme.

Others of us are beyond studying but not beyond learning! We join in conferences as and when we can because we appreciate the support of a wider family and being part of a global vision.

To find out more about how you can get involved in one of the programs or the ICY Europe family visit the ICY Europe Facebook page, join us at one of our next conferences or click on one of the following links

Next Conferences:

Reign Ministries (for ICY UK): The House of Bread @ The Mill, Shipston-on-Stour: May 8th – 12th 2017

Reign Ministries (for ICY UK): The House of Bread @ The Mill, Shipston-on-Stour: June 26th – 30th 2017


ICY Africa

Flags of some of the 20 countries we’re looking to be involved in this year (2017)

ICY Africa is African led & supported from the U.K. by David and Linda Isgrove and the trustees of ICY Ministries Ltd (Charity number 54254 Company Registration number 08442840). ICY Ministries Ltd is the outreach charity arm of ICY.

Mission Statement: Transforming African communities and nations for Jesus by empowering young people in their local settings to express the Kingdom of God.

Vision: To raise a new generation of servant leaders of integrity who are agents for positive change and transformation in their communities and nations

Process: To use the ICY Diploma in Missional Leadership validated by Springdale International (part of ForMission College) as a tool, to put into young people strong missional leadership foundations encouraging them to make an impact in their communities at whatever level and to train others (disciple) who train others who train others ….

We believe that we are at a turning point amongst young people in Africa. For too long in many countries in Africa there have been many evangelistic drives by churches and organisations that have brought many into the Kingdom but no further. As a result, there can be a superficiality in their walk with God. However, when Jesus called those around him to be disciples, he trained, empowered and sent them out “to do the works that I do” (John 14:12). Our call is to bring the Kingdom of God into every area of individual’s lives through in-depth discipleship – and we find young people are thirsty for more reality and experience of this Kingdom living .. for more integrity, justice, hope, healing and empowerment.

The ICY training programme, that forms the core of what we started in Kenya, is one of the tools to bring young people into a closer walk with Jesus and to be more like Him, bringing hope and restoration of individuals and community.

These are exciting times as the demand for ICY Africa’s presence grows each year in Kenya, and other neighbouring countries such as the new Republic of South Sudan, D R Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania (and Zanzibar), Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and now Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo and Liberia. Later this year will see us possibly starting in Botswana, Lesotho and French-speaking countries such as Gabon and Angola.

Join us in this Kingdom adventure. Contact me, David Isgrove, ICY Director for Africa (in the UK) or Joe Bonga, the ICY African Director in Nairobi.

Here are some more details

Because our team is wholly African we believe we can offer the most authentic, affordable, effective and flexible mission trip opportunities to those wanting to go and serve in Africa. Basically you go when you want and stay for as long as you can. There is no program devised around you. You simply join the African team in whatever they’re doing. That’s why we can be so flexible, and you can be so effective! What’s more you live, eat, and travel African. And that is why it is so authentic and affordable!

You can get involved in the established slum ministry working with everyone from babies in orphanages to young adults. Or be involved in Sports Ministry. In between there’s the schools, prison, camps and specialist girls’ ministries. Or you may prefer to head out to the bush and join the team pioneering a model of long term rural youth training discipleship. You can help with our work in schools called “skills for living” or Advocacy Work. We’re alos now starting to reach into Higher Education.

We’re growing – first just in Kenya, then D R Congo in 2013. In 2014 we held an International Conference in Western Kenya for 75 leaders and trainers from 8 countries – Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, D R Congo, South Sudan and Kenya. In 2014 we had nearly 9000 take the Diploma in Missional Leadership. Nearly 3000 graduated. In January 2015 about 400 graduated in 3 centres in D R Congo for the first time. We’ve never seen such joy!!

Then in 2015 we saw 10,360 young people in Kenya mentored and trained as leaders: over 3000 of these became Christians ‘on the way’. Around 2000 in D R Congo, 400 in Rwanda, and many more in Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania and the countries listed above. In Burundi we’ve started a rapidly growing Sports Ministry to help counter tribal conflicts amongst young people. This seems to be becoming a movement!

In 2016, the numbers of young people reached doubled to over 25,000. Our vision for 2017 is to reach 40,000 young people.

Hundreds have done a mission trip with us and fallen in love with Africa. Visit the ICY Africa Facebook page to ask them about it, or to click one of the options on the right for more information, to view videos, contact us or apply.