ICY Europe

We’re a family of missionally minded youth workers spread across Europe.

The ICY European Fellowship (ICY EF) is mainly what brings us together. these are weekends or longer, where we get together as youth leaders for  fellowship, training, sharing of ideas and mutual encouragement. Join our facebook community here!

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Some of us are studying together as a continent wide learning community while doing youth ministry from our own church or youth movement. Others get involved in short term projects, often with EU funding. Then again some of us are just European youth leaders who enjoy connecting with others across the continent and being a part of something bigger.

ICY through Reign Ministries offers us the opportunity to join innovative youth ministry and theology programs at Bachelors  level through globally recognised educational partners. Its a combination of the best of residential and on line courses. We study from home, but not alone. A group of us are studying together and meet up six times a year for residential conferences with Reign Minstries to work through our modules together under the direction and leadership of experts and practitioners.

We also exchange young leaders between our ministries for short term periods of 9-12 months. We have opportunities in a wide range of countries including the UK, many of which qualify for full funding under the European Volunteer Scheme.

Others of us are beyond studying but not beyond learning! We join in conferences as and when we can because we appreciate the support of a wider family and being part of a global vision.

To find out more about how you can get involved in one of the programs or the ICY Europe family visit the ICY Europe Facebook page, join us at one of our next conferences or click on one of the following links

Next Conferences:

Reign Ministries (for ICY UK): The House of Bread @ The Mill, Shipston-on-Stour: May 8th – 12th 2017

Reign Ministries (for ICY UK): The House of Bread @ The Mill, Shipston-on-Stour: June 26th – 30th 2017